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Raised in the Gold Country of Northern California, Angie is a second generation horseman.  As a youth, she earned a reputation for outstanding horsemanship, as a top competitor, showing in open, state and regional shows.  Angie's mom Herkie, had a talent of knowing who could help Angie grow as a horseman.  She grew up riding with a wide-variety of horsemen & women, getting opportunities that only a few grow up experiencing.  She rode everything from cutting horses to forward moving pleasure horses, showing showmanship, hunter under saddle to western riding, classic dressage & jumping, trail riding in the mountains to showing in competitive trail classes.


Even as a youth Angie expected to be taught how to feel, connect and experience oneness with her horses.  Coached by some of the best horseman available, Angie honed her skills as a horseman; wanting to be taught how to do it herself, without relying on a trainer to train & show her personal horses.

Her talents were recognized and she was hired as an assistant trainer at Edwards Performance Horses to AQHA, APHA, NSBA Judge & AQHA Steward Jim Edwards of Galt, California.  1999-2003


Trained horses & coached riders that have gone on to win Top 5 & Top 10 placings at some of the biggest shows in the country.


Recruited into Richard Shrake's Master Horsemanship Program.  Angie was fast-tracked through the program, graduating with honors, certifying her as a top trainer, instructor and coach of Resistance Free™ Training & Riding Methods.  Today, there are less than 40 people world-wide that hold this level of qualifications & understanding of this humane training approach. The greatest tools she gained from her years of working beside “The Trainers - Trainer” is the gift of teaching.

“I already knew what to do - but Richard helped me find my voice to explain the how’s & why’s to my riders”.


After becoming an accomplished rider & trainer, Angie's greatest passion is to mentor riders; coaching each to success with their own horses. Using her insight in riding & training from balance to balance Angie’s form-to-function, dynamic training of horse & rider biomechanics has touched countless horses & riders.  With her focus is on developing a balanced horse of sound body & mind with an effective rider, she finds that her  approach compliments many of todays horse events and fits the needs of todays riders - who want to do right by their horses.


Whether you ride in the show ring or on the trail, Angie’s students achieve success by creating a harmonious partnership between rider and horse.





Professional Credentials

AQHA Professional Horsemen (since 2002)

United States Pony Club Alumni

Fully Accredited Personal Riding Coach

Instructor & Trainer of Resistance Free™ Methods

Riding & Training certified by Richard Shrake "The Trainers Trainer"

Level 3 Clinician CowboyDressage™ World Professional Association


Judges Cards held:

American Stock Horse Association (ASHA)

Pony of Americas (POAC)

Open Horse Show Association (OHSA)

Western & Ranch Versatility Divisions with California State Horsemens Association (CSHA)

Frequently attends judges seminars with the top breed associations AQHA, APHA, ASHA, POAC, & ColorBreedCouncil


Angie has judged:

Dressage Schooling Shows

Breed & Open Shows

Paint & Appy Club Open Shows

Western States Welsh, Cob & Pony Championships

many 4H Qualifiers, State Championship Shows & County Fairs Shows

Ranch Horse Shows

POA shows

National Canadian Pinto Horse Show in Alberta, Canada


Schooling judge for Western, Cowboy & Classical Dressage after completing WDAA judges training in 2014 at CBC and attended the first CowboyDressage™ Judges seminar in Feb.2012

Recognized Educational Resource for Cowboy Dressage™ 2013

2015 CowboyDressage™ World Professional Association Member

2017 Awarded CowboyDressage™ World Professional Association Ambassador

2018 Earned the Top Educational Status within the

CowboyDressage™ World Professional Association Achieving Level 3 Clinician

Will, Angie & Hunter Hughes

2013 Angie's family relocated to Sulphur Springs, Texas

Living on her families horse & beef ranch.


When he's not working on the ranch, Angie's husband

Will Manages The Marina at Lake Cypress Springs a unique Lakeside Full Service Restaurant & Bar

on Lake Cypress Springs outside of Mount Vernon, Texas

He is an avid sportsman, conservationist and is a professional archer for the BroadHead Barn near Paris, Texas


August 2017 Angie was interviewed for an article about finding & selecting kids horses for AQHA's America's Horse Magazine.  Hunter Hughes photographed with Bella owned by Kate Gibson of Red Run Farms in Weaver, Texas.


Success Stories:



Where do I begin? I purchased Louie in 2003 as a 4 year old (Morgan). That’s when this incredible and emotional journey began. We showed two seasons in Amateur Western Pleasure with success but not without some issues that had developed. He could no longer do transitions without anticipation and high anxiety and on the trail he would be anxious and jig. Replacing him was not an option, there was something special there and I had to find the key to open the treasure. So the search was on to find solutions to these issues. I went to different clinics and instructors that focused on Louie being the problem and some of the issues were resolved but not all of them. Could it be me?? Ok one more clinic, what do I have to lose. I went to a Richard Shrake Clinic at Rock-N-Horse Ranch and that’s when I met Angie, one of the instructors. Angie has the unique gift to look inside the horse and rider to give a direction that leads to success. That’s just what she did, she saw I was the issue not Louie. She’s teaching me to relax and trust Louie, not micro-manage him, and in turn he relaxes and trust’s me. It’s a Win-Win situation.

Louie is becoming the calm, fearless little Morgan on the trail. Whether we go in a show ring, Cowboy Dressage® Court or take a lazy stroll down the trail, Louie and I are WINNER’s! Thank you Angie, for seeing the best in Louie and I……And the journey continues……


Judy Lloyd and Louie

Paso Robles, Ca.



Great positive feedback and suggestions on how to bring yourself and your horse further along in the horsemanship journey.

Carol Marthens

Santa Fe, New Mexico



Angie is a very gifted teacher, riding instructor and coach. She is such an asset to the horse industry in so many ways. I believe wholeheartedly that God has given her a gift with horses and with people ...she truly respects and strives to understand without judgement the horses and the people who love them. She sees the absolute best in those she works with and truly wants to see them grow together in their partnership as a team and to be and feel their very best while doing just that. She is so generous with her time and talents and very gracious to both horses and the people who love them and desire to have a relationship with them. I am beyond grateful to have found her...gotten and used her training materials...had her out for lessons and just in general for all her encouraging ways in both word and deed. I have learned so much and I feel very blessed to have met her! So thankful that I get to sit under her teaching and guidance and call her friend.


Ninya Fergason

Mansfield, Texas



My wife and I have owned horses for almost twenty-five years. We have done mostly trail riding together, although I have also enjoyed showing. Initially we started in Peruvians but the last seven years we have owned Morgans, one of which is strongly gaited. Some people stick with their horses through thick or thin, “for better, for worse”. We are just not made that way. As “searchers”, we are always looking for the better horse to buy, the better training method, the better instructor, etc. Over the years we had lots of good to excellent horses and instructors, but they did not stop that eternal searching. That is, until now. After a year of instruction in Western Dressage from Angie Peters, we finally feel that profound (“ahhhhhh”) settled feeling that comes when you find the right match after a long search. That excellent instruction has been supplemented by Nancy Williams and Valerie Netto during periodic Western Dressage/Cowboy Dressage clinics at Angie’s facility. Having the perspectives of three clinicians, all carded judges with impressive credentials, was invaluable. We came to these lessons with two spirited, highly-intelligent Morgan mares who sometimes had their own strong opinions of what they wanted to do, or not do.

What makes Angie unique is an almost magical ability to read the horse’s mind and body in the context of the rider’s performance. She then effectively translates this analysis into simple corrective exercises or steps to transform the horse into a happy, cooperative dancing partner. My mare Gracie was accustomed to using her natural forwardness as a way to deal with any anxiety. That tendency to shoot forward with a hollow back created a feedback loop with my own reaction, so at times it felt like we were “off to the races”. With Angie’s help, Gracie and I learned how to achieve much better body balance in movement so we could naturally relax and maintain a calm, enjoyable ride. That attitude has carried over to the trail where Gracie is now much more relaxed in that environment as well. The same transformation is taking place with my wife and her gaited Morgan mare, Tinkers, although admittedly at a slower pace since my wife is not as dedicated a rider. Tinkers four-beat gait has significantly improved as both horse and rider achieve ever-improving balance and self-carriage. Other students have remarked with amazement at how much both mares have improved in just one year. My goal, for once in my life, is to have a very well-trained horse. The expanding world of Western/Cowboy Dressage has opened up fun opportunities to test these new skills at local shows. These opportunities help me focus on specific goals with Gracie. My wife has no interest in showing but plans to continue lessons because she has seen such a dramatic improvement in her gaited mare. After years of searching, we feel a tremendous sense of relief to finally find a progressive training approach that makes so much sense and achieves such outstanding results. My dream of having a highly-trained horse and “dancing” partner is well on its way to coming true. Many sincere thanks to Angie Peters and her colleagues at Learn Western Dressage.

Lin (and Sue) Hokana

Fiddletown, CA

Angie Hughes

Sulphur Springs, Texas & beyond


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